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As prices all over the world are skyrocketing, the most vulnerable in poor communities are yet again facing a food crisis.

TO GIVE a one-time donation of $100 to help 1 family this year, CLICK HERE and donate directly on Enlace's website, ENLACE.LINK. 

The cost of seeds and fertilizers has increased dramatically in 2022, leaving many farmers in Central America unable to feed their families.

Our local church partners have carefully identified 1,377 families in 45 in El Salvador and Guatemala who do not have the means to buy enough farming supplies to sew their crops this season.

A one-time gift of $100 helps a family of five to feed themselves for a year and generate income. 

Or choose a monthly gift option below that fits your budget. Every penny helps!

 The Story & Details

Over the last two years, after Enlace donors helped church leaders to provide high-quality inputs and training at the right time, thousands of families were able to produce enough corn and beans to feed themselves, generate income, and feed others in their communities.

Our church partners in Central America are once again ready to serve farmers to offset the drastic increase in prices.

Every agricultural assistance packet contains seeds and fertilizers and has provided essential support to families who have lost jobs and depend on their 1-2 acres of corn and beans to consume and sell for profit. The agricultural assistance packets have helped to sustain farming families since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, Enlace's partners began to serve their communities through agricultural assistance and training after farmers missed the first sewing season due to lockdowns. Thousands of farming families that depended on their crops for food and income faced an uncertain future. Their subsequent harvests have put food on the tables for their families and created more financial stability.

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