"Chicken Charms for Chicken Farms" Bracelet

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"Chicken Charms for Chicken Farms" bracelets are the perfect gift for charm bracelet lovers, AND they provide chicks to a family starting a new chicken farm in Central America, helping them through the worst hunger crisis in 100 years.

Chicken Loops are golden yellow wristbands with a cute chicken and ENLACE logo. Each loop comes on a die-cut egg and inside a hand-stamped eco-friendly muslin bag. 

The accompanying gift card features a photo of a family and their chicken farm in Central America. The card explains that this gift provides five chicks to a family that is starting a new chicken farm. The bag also has a tic tac toe board stamped on one side with wool easter egg Xs and Os to play the game.

  • Customizable with the recipient's name and who it is from. 
  • Comes wrapped in a bright polka dot gift bag sealed with colorful washi tape.


  • Provides support to one family with chicks for their family chicken farm business in Central America