A Taste of Change! 3-month ENLACE Coffee Subscription

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Try out our ethically sourced, specialty coffee that supports ENLACE's relief and recovery efforts in vulnerable communities.

(Coffee is only shipped within the U.S.)

What's Included:

1) COFFEE! Our exquisite Central American coffee will be delivered once a month to your doorstep for three months. This specialty coffee is roasted by Lightbrite Coffee Roasters (Des Moines IA) using premium beans sourced from equitable coffee farms in Central America that prioritize the well-being of their workers. Lightbrite's small-batch roasting and artisanal attention to detail bring out the best in every bean. 

2) Monthly impact stories from local communities in Guatemala and El Salvador, a brewing guide, and enlace coffee stickers.

3) (OPTIONAL) Add an AeroPress, arguably the best way to brew specialty coffee, for a few more bucks. Choose the second option at checkout. 

What Your Gift Does:

Monthly contributions are invested in community-led and sustainable poverty-alleviation initiatives helping to serve Central American families in extreme poverty. 

Special Offer: Once your subscription is up and you join the monthly giving coffee club, you will receive a limited-edition, signed print of the ENLACE Coffee design by artist Jenny McGee as our special thank you! (while supplies last)

*Coffee orders are processed on the second Tuesday of each month and then roasted and shipped within a week. Any orders made after the second Tuesday will be processed the following month to ensure the freshest brew!